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Stem & Finger Lamps
  In the catagory of kerosene oil stem and finger lamps, all types of Victorian art glass are represented. Pressed patterns in clear, opaline, cranberry, ruby, blue, green, and amber; opalescent patterned in all colors; satin glass, cased glass, cut-to-clear, Mother-of-Pearl and more were all available to the Victorian consumer. The Sandwich Glass Co.'s, Atterbury, Hobbs Brockunier, Findlay, Riverside, US Glass, Duncan, and Fostoria are just a few of the companies producing finger and stem lamps during this period. All glass as well as composite and figural lamps will be found here. If you have a question or need assistance locating a special item, please Contact Us.

Please visit the Reference Books page for more information about Victorian Finger and Stem Lamps.

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Sheldon Swirl Stem Lamp
Cranberry/White Opalescent Spatter Font
No. 1 Size
Circa 1880

Blue Cooledge Drape Stem Lamp
Deep Cobalt Blue - No. 1 Size
8 1/2" To Top Of Collar
Circa 1880

Canadian Bullseye Stem Lamp
Rare 2 - Color Form
Clear Font - Blue Stem
9 1/4" To Top Of Collar
Circa 1880

Cranberry Opalescent Spatter
Sheldon Swirl Footed Finger
5 1/2" To Top Of Collar
Circa 1880-90

Atterbury 2-Color Stem Lamp
White Ribbed Font - Sky Blue Stem
No. 1 Size
Circa 1870

Amber Aquarius Stem Lamp
Round Foot - No. 1 Size
7 1/4" Top Of Collar
Circa 1880

Inverted Thumbprint
w/ Fan Base
Rare Matching Stem & Chimney
White Opalescent
8" To Top Of Collar
16 1/4" To Top Of Chimney
Circa 1880


Sheldon Swirl w/ Satin Base
Satin Opalescent Swirl Shade
No 2 Hobbs Collar
Standard 4" Lip Fitter Shade
9 1/4" Top Of Collar
14 1/2" Top of Shade
Circa 1880-90

Two Color Greek Key Stem
Deep Amber Font & Base
Crystal Stem
Rare Unlisted Form
No. 1 Size - Inset Collar
8 1/2" Top Of Collar
Circa 1890-1900


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