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On these pages, you will find period Victorian and early 20th century antique lamp shades. Kerosene oil, gas and electric antique shades will all be listed here. Student lamp shades - ribbed, cased, dome and tam o shantor; Victorian ball shades - painted, cased, and satin; miniature and junior lamp shades - ball, dome, half-shade, upturn, and art glass; table and hanging library & parlor lamp shades - both painted and in Victorian art glass. Shades in crystal etched and pressed glass, optic patterned and opalescent patterned in all colors, satin and gloss, Mother-of-Pearl, Cut Velvet, Burmese, Nailsea, Amberina, and many others were available to the Victorian consumer. Every type of Victorian art glass was represented in the shades manufactured for the antique lamps listed on this site. Please measure your lamp(s) carefully when choosing a suitable shade.

If you need assistance with measurements, or help finding a special shade, ContactUs.

Please visit the Reference Books page for more information about Victorian and early 20th century lamps and shades.

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Matched Pair Pittsburgh
Student Shades
Gloss Outside/Acid Frosted Inside
Fuchsia Lilies and Green Leaves
Standard 10" Fitter
Circa 1880 - 6 1/4" tall

Set Of 4 Steuben Shades
Circa 1900
Standard 2 1/4" Fitters
Green & Gold Pulled Feathers

Wonderful form

Cranberry Opalescent Hobnail
'Roller Coaster' Shade
Deep Looping Ruffles - Crimped Top
Deep Cranberry Shading To
Opalescent White At the Fitter
Standard 4" Lipped Fitter
Circa 1880's


Yellow To White Satin
Optic Ribbed Swirl
Crimped Ruffled Tops
Circa 1880-90
Standard 4" Lip Fitters
5 1/2" Tall - 9 1/2" Across

Apricot Acid Etched
Miniature Banquet Shade
Etched Florals With 3 Cameos
Of Songbirds In Flight
Circa 1880-90
2 1/4" Straight Fitter
6 1/4" Tall - 7" Across

Blue Opalescent Bullseye
Kerosene/Gas Shade
Large White Opalescent Bullseyes
Circa 1880
Standard 4" Fitter
5" Tall - 7 1/4" Across Ruffles

Pink Cased Junior Ball Shade
Fits Miller Boudior/P&A Victor
Circa 1880-90
Standard 2 3/4" fitter
5 3/8" Tall


New England Peachblow
High Dome W/ Donut Neck
Great Color W/ Lavender Tint
Circa 1880
Standard 10" fitter
Approx. 6" Tall

Pink Mother Of Pearl
Junior Banquet Shade
Diamond Quilt Patterned
Circa 1880
Standard 2 3/4" Fitter
5" Tall - 7" Across Ruffles

Acid Etched/Frosted Ball Shade
Fleur-Di-Lis Patterned
Circa 1880-90
Standard 4" Straight Fitter
8" Tall

Emeralite Pinwheel Pattern
Tam-O-Shantor Form Shade
Deep Emerald Green
Circa 1900
Standard 10" fitter - 7 1/4" Tall

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2006 Richard Miller Lamps


Amberina Bullseye Optic
Shades From Amber At Fitter
To Cranberry At
Crimped Pleated Top
Circa 1880-90
Standard 4" Straight Fitter
6 1/4" Tall - 8 3/4" Across