Richard Miller Lamps

Reference Books

Student Lamps
Of The Victorian Era
Richard C. Miller
John F.Solverson

Oil Lamps The Kerosene Era In North America
Catherine M.V. Thuro

Oil Lamps II
Glass Kerosene Lamps

Catherine M.V. Thuro

Oil Lamps 3
Victorian Kerosene Lighting 1860-1900
Catherine M.V. Thuro

Miniature Lamps
Frank R. Smith
Ruth E. Smith

Miniature Lamps II
Ruth E. Smith

Victorian Miniature
Marjorie Hulsebus

Fairy Lamps
Bob & Pat Ruff

19TH Century Elegant Lighting
Gerald T. Gowitt

Bradley & Hubbard
Illustrated Catalogue
David Broughton

The Magic Name In Lamps

Gaslighting In America
A Pictorial Survey
Denys Peter Myers

Pairpoint Lamps
Edward & Shelia Malakoff

Handel Lamps
Robert De Falco
Carole G. & John Hibel

Quality Electric Lamps
L.W. Book Sales

The Lamps
Of Tiffany
Dr. Egon Neustadt

The Lamps
Of Tiffany Studios
William Feldstein Jr.
Alastair Duncan


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