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The decorative leaded stained glass shades produced during the Victoran Era and the early 20th century, for kerosene oil or electric lighting, are an important aspect of our decorative arts history. The quality and variety of glass produced for these shades, combined with the intricate castings in bronze, brass and white metals for the bases, produced an amazing variety of leaded stained glass lamps for the turn of the century consumer. Early kerosene oil leaded shades typically were made with more translucent glass, to take advantage of the available candlepower. With the advent of electric lighting, the glass produced was more opaque, directing the light downward. Every budget had a lamp available for purchase, from a simple Miller or Bradley & Hubbard slag panel lamp to an exceptional work of art by Tiffany Studios, Duffner & Kimberly, Williamson, Gorham, Suess, Wilkinson, Lamb Brothers and others. Today's collectors value these lamps for their timeless beauty, craftsmanship, and utility in modern homes. If you have a question or need assistance locating a special lamp please Contact Us.

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Lamb Brothers Leaded Table Lamp
Butterflies and Rose Stems
Circa 1910
Original Patina Base And Shade
29" Tall - 21" Diameter Shade

Williamson Paneled Hanging Lantern
Early Electric With Original Pullchain Socket
Original Patina All Original Glass
Circa 1910 - Lantern Alone 12 1/2" Long 10" Wide


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