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Gas Lighting

Gas Lighting was the illumination of choice for many consumers in heavily populated urban areas of the United States by the second half of the 19th century. Although most very early 19th century gas fixtures in use here were manufactured in England and France, by mid-century the United States was producing an amazing array of fixtures; elaborate hanging chandeliers, sconces, and figural newel post/portable table lamps designed to compliment every Victorian sub-style. Rococo, Renaissance, Moorish, and Eastlake styled lights in finely cast and detailed bronze, brass and patinated white metal could be purchased from manufactures such as Starr Fellows, Cornelius, Mitchell Vance, and many many others. All categories of Victorian art glass are represented in the shades and appurtinances used on these lamps; from clear etched to patterned and opalescent glass in cranberry, blue, red, green, yellow; Mother-of Pearl, Nailsea, Burmese, Amberina and more. Today's collectors value these lights for their timeless beauty, craftmanship, and utility in modern homes. If you have a question or need assistance locating a special item, Contact us.

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Figural "Hand" Wall Sconce/Cigar Lighter
With Original Key
Great Detail - Original Finish
Circa 1880 - 5 3/4" Overall

2006 Richard Miller Lamps