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On this page, you will find the period appurtenances used on the lamps manufactured during the Victorian Era. Most catagories of Victorian art glass were represented in the glass accessories used to enhance these lamps. Offered are unusual patent burners and chimneys, smoke bells; flame reflectors; match holders, gas candles and bobeches; as well as a diverse selection of period kerosene oil and electric lamp parts for the restoration and enhancement of your lamps. Please measure your lamp(s) carefully when choosing an item. If you need assistance with measurements, or help finding a special item, Contact Us.

Please visit the Reference Books page for more information on Victorian and Early 20th Century lamps.

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Bisque Match Holder
Child In Bonnet With Basket
Great Original Pastels
Circa 1880
5 1/4" Tall

Bisque Match Holder
Dog With Hat And Basket
Great Original Pastels
Circa 1880's
4 3/4" Tall

Pink Opalescent Stripe
Angle Lamp Chimney
Standard 5 3/8" OD Fitter
8 3/4" Tall - Flawless
Circa 1880

Optic Stripe Chimney
Shades From Clear Top To
Opalescent Stripe At Fitter
Slight Yellow Tint - Flat Body
2 3/8" Fitter - 10" Tall
Circa 1880

Aurora Signed Glass-Top Burner
Embossed Glass Cone
Unburned - No. 2 Size
Circa 1880-90



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